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Übercast: Better World

Claus-Peter Zeitinger

Claus-Peter Zeitinger
  • Born: 1947, Germany
  • Education: PhD, Goethe University of Frankfurt
  • Organisation: ProCredit Group
  • Website: ProCredit Holding
  • Image courtesy of: ProCredit Holding ©

Fresh from the barricades of the late 1960s German student protests, Claus-Peter Zeitinger’s first job was at the Chase Manhattan bank, from which he was fired after decorating the hall of the Frankfurt office with a Vietcong flag.

Today, his umbrella group, ProCredit Holding, owns 21 banks in Eastern Europe, Latin America and Africa, where it provides banking services to “ordinary people”, including lower and middle income savers who had previously had no access to formal financial services.

With average loans of less than €10,000, Zeitinger’s aim is to be “the house bank of choice for the very small, small and medium-sized enterprises which create jobs and drive economic development”.

"A company only has a soul if the majority of its staff are truly committed to a vision and take a part in achieving that vision”

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