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Gilad Japhet

Gilad Japhet
  • Born: 1969, Israel
  • Education: BSc, Technion
  • Organisation: MyHeritage
  • Website: MyHeritage
  • Image courtesy of: Gilad Japhet

Gilad Japhet is one very smart nerd. Studying full time at Israel’s prestigious Technion Institute of Technology, Japhet also had a night job leading a group responsible for designing and coding algorithms for the intelligent detection and removal of computer viruses. Then, after a stint in Silicon Valley, where he played a key role in building a small Israeli start-up into a NASDAQ-listed company, he took six months off to pursue the hobby that had fascinated him since he was 13 years old: genealogy.

But he was soon frustrated by the lack of quality software available to help make sense of the wealth of family relationships that he was unearthing. Early in 2003, he decided to write his own.

“The world did not recognize the power of genealogy and family history as the bond that connects all people worldwide”

Listen to a recent Bloomberg interview with Gilad as he talks about the life changing emotional value that MyHeritage has created around the globe

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