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Übercast: Better World

Jeroo Billimoria

Jeroo Billimoria
  • Born: 1969, Mumbai, India
  • Education: MA, Tata Institute of Social Sciences; MSc, The New School for Social Research, New York
  • Organisation: : Child & Youth Finance International
  • Website: Child & Youth Finance International
  • Image credit: Leonardwein

Nine out of every ten children and young people on our planet live in emerging and developing economies. Many of them have no financial skills, and no access to financial services.

Jeroo Billimoria is changing all that.

Beginning with Childline – a toll-free protection service for homeless children on the streets of Mumbai – she has built nine organisations devoted to the welfare of children and youth worldwide. The latest, Child and Youth Finance International, was established in July 2011 and has already brought financial inclusion and financial education to 18 million children and youth in 125 countries.

Billimoria’s goal is 100 million children by 2015. Her track record says she’ll reach it.

"Every one of us can do something to change the world. Together we build a movement"

Listen to Jeroo Billimoria explain the importance of child finance.

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