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Übercast: Happy People

Nayana Patel

Nayana Patel

Nayana Patel made her debut on the world stage in 2003, announcing that a 43 year-old Anand woman had successfully given birth to her own twin grandchildren! A newsworthy if somewhat disturbing event, but logical enough in the world of IVF. As it turned out, Patel had simply extracted eggs from a young woman whose genetic disorder had rendered her physically unable to bear a child, fertilized them with sperm from the woman’s husband, and implanted them in the womb of her mother.

That story opened the floodgates. Before long there were waiting lists of couples from India and overseas seeking Patel’s assistance to produce longed-for children, and increasing numbers of young women seeking to join her clinic as surrogates.

“…we are providing a service that profoundly changes people’s lives for the better”

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