• Überpreneurs will inspire creative young people with great ideas to step up and improve the world.

    Gabriel Marquette

überpreneursThe book

This book charts the lives and achievements of 36 extraordinary individuals, telling their unique stories and demonstrating how their entrepreneurial spirit and heroic visions are changing the world for the better.

The stories include those of business-savvy IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad, the personal brand power of Oprah Winfrey, the pioneering social entrepreneur and creator of Child and Youth Finance International, Jeroo Billimoria, and the highly disruptive co-founder of Skype, Niklas Zennstrom, who wants the whole world to talk for free.

By exploring and analysing these inspirational stories, the authors reveal not only the critical characteristics that distinguish überpreneurs from everyday entrepreneurs, but also the insights that they offer to businesses trying to become more innovative, governments striving to build smarter economies, and young people aspiring to more meaningful careers.

First published 2014 by PALGRAVE MACMILLAN
ISBN: 978-1-137-37614-5, ISBN10: 1-137-37614-7,
338 pages, 14 colour tables

What’s in it?

The 36 überpreneurs who populate this book are all transforming our world.

How do they do it?  What makes them tick? Are they all different, or are there vital shared characteristics that give them the unique ability to create innovative global enterprises and transform human societies?

We think there are. As we explored the lives and achievements of our übercast we found remarkable consistencies in their motives, their characteristics, their tactics and their achievements.

In each of the fourteen core chapters of the book, we describe one of the grand economic, technological, personal or societal challenges facing mankind, and the innovative ways in which it is being tackled by two or three individuals.

And, at the end of each chapter, we provide detailed profiles demonstrating that all 36 of these men and women are indeed driven by the same powerful forces and share the same key attributes.

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What people are saying

This is a book packed with energy, hope, and power. Ultimately, it is about the capacity of human creativity and entrepreneurship to deal with the greatest challenges facing mankind. By focusing on the trajectories of some of the most extraordinary entrepreneurs of our time, Andrews and Wood remind us of the immense transformative power of individuals relative to governments and other institutions."
Yves Tiberghien, Director, Institute of Asian Research, University of British Columbia

For someone who has witnessed the challenges to success in both the academic world and private enterprise, Überpreneurs offers a unique and insightful perspective on the vital ingredients of leadership and vision."
John Shine AO FAA, Garvan Institute of Medical Research and Chairman, CSL Limited

One billion people do not have access to quality healthcare. One billion cannot read or write. Every 90 seconds, we lose one pregnant mother. We have both the technologies and the resources to solve these issues. But we need new social architects to create the links between the problems and the resources. This book will inspire the future architects of better and more inclusive societies."
Ashir Ahmed, Grameen Communications and Kyushu University

Andrews and Wood have made innovation and transformation accessible, understandable and doable. An inspirational and entertaining read, full of timeless insights into transformation and success."
Sandra Harding, Vice-Chancellor & President, James Cook University, and Chair, Universities Australia

These überpreneurs are not just tackling the great challenges of our time, they are succeeding in changing our world for the better. This book offers stories of inspiration for every young person with the gleam of an idea on how to follow their lead."
Hon Peter Beattie AC, 36th Premier of Queensland, Australia

In a world that seems to continuously put the spotlight on celebrities from all types of sports, entertainment, and politics, this book emerges as a refreshing and inspirational reminder to all of us that there are individuals who are actually making the world a better place. Through their relentless pursuit of dreams and passions, these individuals, the Überpreneurs, transcend the ephemeral light of celebrity fame and glory, offering instead a solid beacon of hope for the future."
Jorge Vanegas, Dean, College of Architecture, Texas A&M University

Überpreneurship is about much more than making money. The subjects of this book are making our world a better place. What is particularly exciting is that in addition to some of the usual suspects, they have captured the essence of what lesser-known people are contributing to changing the world. In the end it is imaginative people with a real drive, often from very young ages, that are improving the human condition."
David Strangway, FRSC, OC, Inaugural President of the Canada Foundation for Innovation, Founder of Quest University, and Advisor to the African Union

Überpreneurs provides not only a rich cache of case studies, but fascinating and compelling insights into the vision, motivation, passion, persistence, resilience, dedication, bloody mindedness and outstanding execution of the people who are changing our lives. This book should be recommended reading in any MBA or Executive Leadership program that aims to transform students’ thinking."
Damian Scanlon, Director, MBA Program, University of Adelaide

It has been a real pleasure to jump into “Überpreneurs”, as the style and the rhythm make it so easy and so pleasant to share the überpreneurs’ concept. It is also a great intellectual pleasure to follow the writers in their passionate and enthusiastic demonstration. Überpreneurs will inspire creative young people with great ideas to step up and improve the world."
Gabriel Marquette, Director, Industry Relations CNRS-INSU and Chair, EUROGIA+

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