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Doron Mamet

Doron Mamet
  • Born: Israel
  • Education: BA, Ha’Universita Ha’Petuha
  • Organisation: Tammuz International Surrogacy
  • Website: Tammuz International Surrogacy
  • Image courtesy of: Doron Mamet

Based on his experience in international outsourcing of technology programs, Doron Mamet saw an opportunity to enable gay Israeli couples to father children and build families. He established Tammuz International, a surrogacy service that uses specialist IVF facilities to unite sperm from gay Israelis with eggs from donors in the USA or other Western nations, couriers the fertilized eggs, frozen in liquid nitrogen, to a clinic near Mumbai, and implants them in the wombs of Indian surrogate mothers.

Specialists are involved at every stage of the process, from transporting embryos to delivering the babies, and the prospective parents need never leave home until it’s time to collect the baby.

“There is a big moral issue with those who seek … to interfere with my chances to be a father and with the chances of a surrogate to help her family"

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