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Übercast: Big Business

Liu Yonghao

Liu Yonghao
  • Born: 1951, Sichuan Province, China
  • Education: Sichuan Engineering Vocational Technology College
  • Organisation: New Hope Group
  • Website: New Hope Group
  • Image credit: China.org.cn

For Liu Yonghao, who was just fifteen years old at the start of China’s Cultural Revolution, Deng Xiaoping’s 1978 market-oriented reforms were like a breath of fresh air. He and his three brothers sold their few possessions, raised ¥1000 (about $150), and started a quail breeding business.

Thirty years on, Liu Yonghao has built his arm of the original business into a massive vertically integrated agricultural company, which spans China’s supply chain from finance to farm, from feedstock to livestock, and from food processing to market.

And on the side, he and other private entrepreneurs established Guangcai (Brilliant Cause), a private sector aid program that has provided training for four million people in less developed areas of China and helped another five million find jobs.

"We just happened to be 16 years ahead of anyone else".

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