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Übercast: Happy People

Luiz Seabra

Luiz Seabra

According to Luiz Seabra, the guiding principle of his life and his company stemmed from his reading, as a teenager, of Plotinus, the Roman philosopher whose doctrines he summarises with the phrase “the one is in the whole, the whole is in the one”.

In simpler, 21st century, terms, Seabra believes that a healthy company cannot exist without healthy workers and healthy customers living in a healthy society on a healthy planet.

After forty years at the helm of cosmetics giant Natura, whose mantra is “bem estar bem” (well-being/being well), there’s no doubt that he has put his principles into practice. And the outcome is equally impressive: Natura holds 24% of the massive Brazilian market, and is an acknowledged world leader in sustainable business practices and corporate governance.

"We should all, all the entrepreneurs of the world, be applying principles of philosophy. We should think of our companies not just as concrete operations, but as projects of the soul”

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