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Martha Tilaar

Martha Tilaar
  • Born: 1937, Kebumen, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia
  • Education: B. History Studies, IKIP, Jakarta; B. Beauty Culture, Academy of Beauty Culture, Bloomington
  • Organisation: Martha Tilaar Group
  • Website: Martha Tilaar Group
  • Image credit: Martha Tilaar Group

Martha Tilaar was an entrepreneur from a very young age. Told by her mother that “if you want money, you have to work for it”, she repackaged wholesale peanuts into small bags and sold them at school, along with necklaces and bracelets that she made from the hard beads of jali-jali fruit (Job’s tears). And she loved it.

Today, Martha Tilaar Group has 20% of Indonesia’s surging cosmetics market and a chain of spas and salons that is rapidly expanding throughout the region. Based on the ancient Javanese philosophy of Rupasampat Wahyabyantara, Tilaar’s company offers a ‘balance of inner and outer beauty’ that matches her personal commitment to helping others while making every woman feel beautiful.

"As an Indonesian, we must preserve our culture. If not, everything would be flat, everything would be Estée Lauder"

Listen to Martha explain her quest to change Western dominated images of beauty as she takes Indonesian 'local wisdom' global.

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