• By focusing on the trajectories of some of the most extraordinary entrepreneurs of our time, Andrews and Wood remind us of the immense transformative power of individuals relative to governments and other institutions.

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Mo Ibrahim

Mo Ibrahim

When handheld mobile phones first became available in the 1980s, opportunists everywhere rushed to acquire licences for new phone networks, but few had any idea how to design and build them. Mo Ibrahim did.

With a PhD in mobile radio communication, he made his first billion dollars designing mobile phone networks for others, and his second billion building networks for himself – in Africa- adding an estimated 1% per annum to Africa’s GDP in the process.

And then he took on a real challenge: he established a multi-million dollar prize to encourage African political leaders not only to commit themselves to the sustainable economic and social development of their nations, but also to relinquish power peacefully and democratically at the end of their term in office.

Find out how Mo Ibrahim is helping inject new ethical standards into leadership and governance in Africa

“After fifty years of independence, we have a catastrophic failure of leadership and governance: too many dictators, too many megalomaniacs, too many thieves”.

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