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Übercast: Big Business

Richard Branson

Richard Branson
  • Born: 1950, Blackheath, England
  • Education: Stowe School, Buckingham
  • Organisation: Virgin Group, Virgin Galactic
  • Website: Virgin Galactic
  • Follow Richard Branson on Twitter: richardbranson
  • Image credit: Gulltaggen

Sir Richard Branson, the thrill seeker for whom each successive Virgin business has provided fresh excitement, and each hostile geographic environment a new challenge, wants to be with his two children on board Virgin Galactic’s first flight into space.

Branson laid the groundwork for his first business, Student magazine, while still at school, and went on to establish a series of Virgin companies, including Virgin Records and Virgin Megastores, before successfully challenging British Airways’ virtual monopoly over the London-New York route with Virgin Atlantic.

He has pledged that he will invest all the profits from his transport businesses – expected to total $3 billion over ten years – in the search for sources of sustainable energy.

"Business opportunities are like buses, there's always another coming along".

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