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Übercast: Better World

Roy Prosterman

Roy Prosterman
  • Born: 1935, Chicago, Illinois, USA
  • Education: BA, Chicago; JD, Harvard
  • Organisation: Landesa
  • Website: Landesa
  • Follow Roy Prosterman on Twitter: Landesa_Global
  • Image courtesy of: Landesa

Twice nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, Roy Prosterman is a US lawyer with a mission to help a billion tenant farmers own a patch of earth of their own.

That mission has not been without risk. Following the assassination of three of his friends and colleagues in El Salvador, Prosterman was literally in everyone’s sights: in El Salvador, a leading right-wing newspaper denounced him as an enemy of landowners, while back home in Seattle left-wing students branded him an enemy of socialism.

Prosterman went ahead anyway. All up, he has improved the lives of 400 million people in his quest to promote peace, freedom and justice through schemes of land tenure in the third world.

"A little land goes a long way"

Landesa has partnered with governments in over 40 countries to help bring secure land rights to almost 100 million families. See how ownership of a little plot of land is changing lives in Rawanda.

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