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Übercast: Better World

Sheik Mohammed Hussein Al-Amoudi

Sheik Mohammed Hussein Al-Amoudi

Sheik Mohammed Hussein Al-Amoudi is a self-made Ethiopian-born billionaire with a passion to develop Ethiopia, as well as a mandate from King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud to help feed the people of Saudi Arabia.

And he’s set to do both.

He has already invested around $2 billion in 30 Ethiopian companies, and his Saudi Star Agricultural Development Plc, which began its agricultural activities in 2010 with a sixty-year lease over 10,000 hectares in far-west Ethiopia, intends to expand its rice-farming operation to 300,000 hectares, investing $2.5 billion, employing 250,000 people, and producing 1.5 million tonnes of rice per annum by 2020. Forty per cent of its production will remain in Ethiopia: the rest will go to Saudi Arabia.

"When I invest in Ethiopia, my decisions to invest are based on what I feel in my heart for my motherland. All my other investment decisions in the rest of the world are based on calculated risks and benefits"

Sheik Mohammed Hussein Al-Amoudi on Twitter

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