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We both have substantial experience as consultants in Europe, Asia, North America and Australasia. Fiona works with government agencies and other organisations on how to optimise their investments in research, innovation and entrepreneurship, while Peter provides strategic advice to biotechnology companies, universities, venture capital firms and government agencies.

Together, we offer considered analyses of the effectiveness or otherwise of investments by governments, businesses and educational institutions in innovation and entrepreneurship, and clear advice on how to tailor those investments to maximise strategic outcomes.



We have developed the following module on überpreneurship to meet the needs of a variety of public and private sector organisations seeking to drive transformational change:

Überpreneurs: what can we learn from them?

Target market: MBA, Executive Education, and others interested in building upon the examples of these 36 überpreneurs in order to address their own challenges.

Course structure: 2 days, 6 lectures, 6 customised workshops

Content: The lecture component of this course identifies the key characteristics that distinguish überpreneurs from entrepreneurs, and illustrates how those characteristics allow them to meet and beat the grand economic, social and environmental challenges facing mankind.

The workshop component uses the preceding case studies as the starting point to focus on the specific challenges faced by the course participants at a national, regional or organisational level, revealing how they too can bring about transformational change.

Outcome: Participants will gain a thorough understanding of the characteristics that define überpreneurs, and the ways in which they use innovative ideas to create global enterprises and transform human societies. Most importantly, attendees will come away with new insights into how to apply the lessons of the worlds’ greatest überpreneurs to their own organisational and societal challenges.

Andrews and Wood have made innovation and transformation accessible, understandable and doable.” – Sandra Harding, Vice-Chancellor & President, James Cook University, and Chair, Universities Australia

Guest speaking

Peter is an entertaining guest speaker and media commentator whose presentations generate both confronting ideas and compelling solutions. He is available for after-dinner speeches and keynote addresses, customised to the requirements of specific organisations, interests and geographies.


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